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Shadi Shenanigans is an E-commerce Pakistani Wedding Portal that takes the stress out of wedding shopping especially for brides who live abroad and don’t have access to the local markets in Pakistan.

Your location or distance from your hometown doesn’t matter since we give you the best products from all the authentic markets of Lahore and other big cities.

Shadi Shenanigans offers an online shop with a range of wedding products along with the service of a personal shopper for those who wish to purchase a specific wedding item. It also offers booking managers for those who need assistance in booking vendors for their big day on a specific date. Brides no longer have to worry about not being able to book their favorite make-up artists or wedding hall through this service.

Brides also get exclusive access to wedding assistants who work closely with the brides via Shadi Shenanigans Mobile app to help the bride coordinate her wedding requirements. For example, if a bride is getting a dress designed in Pakistan, Shadi Shenanigans wedding assistant will coordinate with the bride abroad and the designer throughout the process.

It will soon be offering online vendor booking services and custom wedding packages.

Run by a real bride who struggled with her wedding preparations while living abroad, Shafaq O. set out to make wedding dreams come true for all her fellow brides regardless of their location.

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How it works


Can’t find what you are looking for? Weddings are full of wishes and Shadi Shenanigans makes sure all your wedding wishes come true. If there is something that you want, all you have to do is show us what you want and our representatives will hop from one market to another and get you your special wedding item. Here is how it works:

  1. Upload an image of the product and give us as many details as you can
  2. A representative will survey the markets and will get in touch with you with options or will collect the product if it is found in exactly the form you want it.
  3. Once you approve, all you have to do is pay for the product and shipping and we ship it out the very next day.

So what are you waiting for?


Need to book a hall, make-up artist, photographer, event management company, florist, singer, anyone? One thing you cannot accept is your favorite make-up artist being booked on the day you planned to get your make up done or your venue taken on your Baraat. Well fear no more! You can now use one of our booking managers to book all your favorite vendors for a small fee.

Fill out our Book a booking manager form and we will represent you by getting in touch with the vendor you need. Once we confirm the vendor is available, send us the advance payment and we make the payment and the booking for you. Receive a scanned copy of the original booking confirmation in your name with your vendor.


It all comes down to your events. Our wedding assistants don’t only set up your stage and décor, they go all the way by looping you in the entire set up process, your likes and dislikes, your budget concerns, your preferences. From the wedding cake and menu to the entire concept of your wedding theme, our assistants will ensure your day is a memorable one minus the hassle. Book one now!


  1. Make an exclusive account with Shadi Shenanigans
  2. Select your favorite item on our website
  3. Add to your cart
  4. Easily pay via credit card or paypal or a bank transfer (Please contact us through our contact form for bank transfers)
  5. Hear from us within 24 hours of your order
  6. We ship! You get married all glammed up!

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Shadi Shenanigans is an E-commerce Pakistani Wedding Portal that takes the stress out of wedding shopping especially for brides who live abroad and don’t have access to the local markets in Pakistan. Use our Personal Shoppers, Booking Managers and Wedding Assistants to make your Big Day special or Read more > >












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