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Blog # 3 Where to Shop in Lahore, PK – From the modern to the traditional!

Everyone knows about the Brands; Let’s talk about the Bazaars in Lahore!

When it comes to splurging money, we want the best. We want to buy the brands and the big names but sometimes we also want the traditional khusas and the parandas to go along with our expensive outfits. In fact – even outfits from those “bazaars” can be a part of our weddings! And what’s a wedding without raids to the local markets – no fun!

Lets check out some of the most prominent places our mothers and aunties and cousins and everyone else like to go to when a wedding is coming up:

  1. Liberty Market

Who has a wedding and doesn’t go to Liberty? I mean that can literally never happen! You go here and you get all those flashy bangles and baskets and khusas from those pathans on the sidewalk, it’s just desi heaven! Don’t forget the dupatta gali and the Meena bazaar which is literally the desi places for all “Khulla Kapra” or shall we can “Loose Material”!

We have seen this market literally transform. They have spacious parking lots now and you can literally find all the local brands here, maybe some international as well.

Our mothers love this place and can spend thousands here. They also need to munch on some fruit chaat or gol guppay while they are at it. Oh Liberty you.

  1. Auriga Market

Or as we like to call it, the pathan palace. Auriga used to be one building but with all the pathan success going on over there, the place expanded with a new building as well. Now there are two buildings side by side selling a bunch of loose material by pathans and ladies love it!

They call the red color, “Zakhmi laal rang” and you get a bunch of flashy clothes which you can gift to the relatives you have to give something to but don’t want to give anything expensive. You may also consider buying all your slit and dupatta materials here including the cloth you need for the mehndi dupattas for the guys. Love it!

  1. MM Alam Road

MM Alam is the new “in place” for wedding shopping. Here you get all the big brands and the main brands and the stuff you would definitely want to check out for your wedding. Everyone goes here. It’s a simple rule. You ain’t a cool bride if you ain’t shopping from MM Alam (this may actually not be true but we heard so)

If you have a budget slightly on the higher side, your main shopping destination can be MM Alam and you will thank us for telling you so.

  1. Hussain Chowk

Adjacent to MM Alam Rd, you’ll find Hussain Chowk and Kasoori Road. It’s another new place where a couple of shops are doing really well in terms of providing decent materials and nice ready-to-wear. They aren’t necessarily brands but they are places you would want to check out if you have time on your hands.

  1. Anarkali

Here’s where you turn your desi-on. Anarkali is the place for the brave and the total crazy. Anarkali is an old old market where you go to buy fancy clothes at cheaper rates than what you find in the city center. They do have a lot of cheaper rates and the stuff you find here is simply amazing. This market of Lahore is old and you should always keep yourself and your belongings safe before entering into this market.

  1. Fortress Stadium / Fortress Mall

Fortress Stadium is not really a place where you can do a lot of wedding shopping but you can pick out a lot of semi casual and casual outfits here (especially at Fortress mall where all the casual brands are under one roof). It’s a place to have fun while going out to wedding shop and it’s a place where you may find exactly what you are looking for if you’re interested in not-so-flashy stuff.

  1. Gulberg Galleria

We like to call this corner plaza the Designers hub. Designers just decided to make their awesome dresses available here and we love it! The big babies can be found here and so can our favorite eat out! *cough* Gunsmoke *cough*

A must visit if you’re interested in designer wear.

  1. Rang Mehal

Just like Anarkali, this place is not for the faint-hearted. This is old old Lahore and like the Wild Wild West you need to take good care of yourself. Nonetheless, you can find all the desiness and the heritage from Lahore in this area. Loads of flashy stuff is available for you here.

Did we miss out a place? Let us know in the comments below and we will get right down to tweaking our list for you. Signing off!


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